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Welcome to Hoover Sports! Here you will find information about the various after school sports offered at Hoover, along with important information for the year.

If you have any questions please reach out to our Athletics Director:  Mr. Waller


Sports packet and how to register your student to participate

Here is a link to our sports packet with all the information and forms a student needs to complete to participate in the Hoover’s sports program - 2024-24 Hoover Athletics Packet

Here are the steps to complete for your student to participate;

  1. Register with All students who participate need to register; see the instruction sheet.
  2. Every student athlete must have a current physical which must be signed by a doctor. Please take a complete copy of the History Form, your student and a copy of the Physical Examination Form to a Medical Doctor for a sports physical to sign.
  3. Review and sign the Student Athlete Rules and Expectations form.
  4. Please return all the requested forms to our Athletic Director, Mr. Waller, or to Hoover’s front office.


Mark your Calendar: Physical Exams will be offered by a doctor on the Hoover campus on Thursday, August 29th, 3:15pm.

Sports by Season

Tryout dates will be shared before the start of the season. There will be tryouts for all sports except Cross Country, Wrestling, and Track & Field, which are open to all students. Other sports may be added during the year.

  • Cross-Country (coed) - Fall - Coach Waller

  • Baseball (coed) - Fall - Coach Draminski & Coach Wilson

  • Wrestling (coed) -  Fall - Coach Soto

  • Girls Basketball - Fall - Coach Galicia & Coach D

  • Boys Soccer - Fall - Coach Waller

  • Boys Basketball - Winter - Coach Morris

  • Girls Soccer - Winter - Coach Waller

  • Boys Volleyball - Winter - Coach D & Coach Crosby

  • Girls Volleyball - Winter - Coach D & Coach Crosby

  • Tennis (coed) - Spring - Coach Abee

  • Track & Field (coed) -  Spring - Coach Waller


Register interest in a sport or multiple sports!

To register an interest in a particular sport and be sent information closer to the start date of the sport about signups, tryouts, schedules, volunteering, etc, please complete the following google form!

Sports Schedules and Information

Check back to this page through the year, we will update it with links to information sheets for each sport as they become available.  These will include; schedules with practices and games times and locations and other useful information.

Support Hoover Sports

Hoover Middle School PTSA has a Sports Committee, whose goal is to continue and grow the sports program at Hoover and to do that we rely on volunteers and donations. If you would like to volunteer or donate, we greatly appreciate anything you can do to help.

To find out more please go to Hoover PTSA Sports

Hoover Middle School
Title IX Information

(1) Total School Enrollment: 972

(2) Total Athletes:
Female Athletes 155
Male Athletes 224

(3) Female Teams: 5 (2 basketball, 1 soccer, 2 volleyball)

(4) Male Teams: 5 (2 basketball, 1 soccer, 2 volleyball)

(5) Coed Teams: 4 (Track and Field, Cross-Country,  Wrestling, Handball)


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Mon, Jul 29
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