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Parents and students are responsible for knowing and following the attendance regulations found in the SJUSD Student Handbook.

Students in Middle School can be held legally accountable for their attendance if they are absent due to ditching or choosing to stay home without parent permission.

To discuss any attendance concerns please call our Attendance Clerk, Angelina Ramirez, 408-287-6354, or email her at


It is appropriate for students to stay home sick when they have a fever, vomiting, a contagious condition, or doctor’s orders. Please consider any other absences carefully.  Any absence for which a reason is not reported to the office within 5 school days will be marked as unexcused and cannot be changed. After three unexcused absences, a letter is automatically sent from the District Office with a warning about truancy. The SJUSD Parent Handbook offers more detail on absences and District policies.


Inform a member of our office staff every time your child is absent—teachers cannot excuse absences. Do not rely on your child to submit a note to the office—notes are often lost before they reach the office. Parents are encouraged to call the office every day their child misses school. If your child is absent more than three days in a row, you must provide a doctor’s note in order for the absences to be excused.

Please report any absences to our Attendance Clerk, Angelina Ramirez, 408-287-6354, or email her at


School starts at 8:20—Please arrive at school no later than 8:15 to allow sufficient time for your child to walk to class.  *Tardies for doctor’s appointments can be excused, but we prefer that you schedule appointments on inservice and vacation days.  *When a student arrives to school over thirty minutes late without a valid excuse, the tardy is marked as a “truant tardy”, which qualifies as an unexcused absence in the student’s attendance record.

Please report any tardies to our Attendance Clerk, Angelina Ramirez, 408-287-6354, or email her at


Students are expected to arrive to each of their classes on time. Teachers are encouraged to provide consequences in their classrooms for students who arrive tardy. Students earning excessive tardies are assigned consequences.


Please check the school calendar and plan your family’s trips to occur during vacation weeks. Travel absences of 5-15 days are only excused if work is completed by the student and turned in within five days of returning to school. The criteria below must be met in order to receive an Short Term Independent Studies Contract. Permission for a student to miss school may not be granted if s/he has failed to complete independent studies work in the past. Trips of any length may be excused under the following conditions:

1) The parent informs office staff in writing at least two weeks prior to the trip. 
2) Principal approval is received.
3) The teachers agree and have at least two weeks to prepare a packet of work.

If students need to attend funeral services, they can be excused for 1-3 days with proper verification. Family emergencies need to be approved by the principal or her designee in order to be excused.

Please arrange any Short Term Independent Studies Contracts with our Attendance Clerk, Angelina Ramirez, 408-287-6354, or email her at